5 Ways to Learn English faster

Work smarter, not harder. 

People say this in many languages because it is so true. We can all do better, this we know.

Imagine, for a loooong time, teaching was the same. The teacher told you something and you wrote it down probably 1,000 times… or more. This is a terrible way to teach and it doesn’t use our time well.  Okay, so now we know that this method of teaching wastes a lot of time. Easy, so let’s change the way we teach right? Well, that part isn’t that easy. 

The classroom will ALWAYS be one of the most important parts of learning. For most people, a teacher is critical to the process. The fact is, teaching is difficult and uses a lot of time. The more students, the more time you need. What we are seeing in the most successful schools around the world is that the learning happens outside of school. Students go home and use the internet, usually, to learn in many different ways. With millions of videos, books, songs, podcasts and who knows what’s next, we get so many different perspectives and alternatives to the old ways of learning. The problem is that these schools that know how to do this correctly are very expensive. 

The good news is…what they do is nothing special. You can do it too! With TongueBit we help you be your own teacher. We made short, easy exercises from our travel videos to help you learn English outside of the classroom. 

We teach these 5 strategies to help you learn English better:

  1. Find your motivation

Find your motivation! Learning English takes a lot of work. If you find the right reasons and the right resources it can be much easier. For example, I like to travel. I used travel blogs to listen to Spanish when I was learning. Learn the things you need and can immediately use. That’s why I hate textbooks. They teach so many crazy situations that don’t happen in normal, everyday life. With TongueBit, we secretly teach you English with something that you like… TRAVEL!

  1. Take notes

Always have something with you where you can write things down. Paper is best so carry a notebook (phones work too). Writing things down in the situation you discover them and then using them after is the best method to remember. Yeah, I said I think it’s the best. 

Also, with this notebook you must journal (to journal or write in the a notebook)! Free write, write letters to people, or tell your journal what you ate for lunch. Writing is something most people forget to do. It helps more than you think. Also, on your bad days, you can look back at your progress.

  1. Learn how to learn

Everything we learn in life will need to be learned differently. For example, in Math class, reading a lot about Math is probably not the best. You need to DO IT! This isn’t like learning a language. You should read a lot! 

Also, we all learn differently. Take a moment before you start and look at the different learning styles. My learning style is physical. I learn best when I use my hands. For language learning this one can be difficult. Though, it’s always better to know before you start.

  1. Don’t be afraid 

Okay, you must know, people are going to laugh at you when you are learning a language. That’s good! It shows that you’re trying! Laugh with them! You are your best teacher. Getting laughed at makes you remember, forever. Trust me.

  1. Live life in English

Your phone can be changed to English… Your Netflix can be changed to English (use subtitles), there’s a crazy amount of music in English! What’s best is that there are so many Youtube channels in English. Find something you really like on Youtube… like TongueBit.com

Here’s what I think. Because you read to the end I know you like to travel, you have a notebook, and you know how you learn. Go to TongueBit.com and look at what we have. 

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