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We believe English is for everyone, everywhere, not only people with money. That’s why we offer so many free, English exercises with our videos, helpful tips, a place to connect with others, and a positive lifestyle to watch.

-Tony and Andrea, Co-founders of TongueBit

In Love or Trippin (Andrea) and I are vloggers or “YouTubers”. We talk about travel, culture, food, life and everything we see. TongueBit uses the videos from In Love or Trippin (Our Youtube Channel) to teach you English but not like in a classroom. People all around the world are learning English everyday from watching the Youtube videos they like. To learn much faster, we made, simple and easy exercises for all of our videos to help you learn real English, not like what you learn in a school. In our videos we speak slowly and use subtitles to help you learn easier. TongueBit can also connect you with other students around the world. It’s best to use our conversation classes to practice the new information you learn. We have conversation classes with other students and fluent English speakers to use the new information from each TongueBit and video.

What Our Students Have to Say

Andrea Rocha – Founder
Tony Edmonds — Founder

Our Story

We met at university and found each other right before graduation. When Andrea finished school, she became an English teacher in Spain. At the time, she created the In Love or Trippin’ YouTube channel to show her friends and family what she was doing. Soon after, I joined her. I got certified as an ESL Teacher in Spain and started working as a teacher. Together we shared so many experiences traveling and meeting people from all over the world. We were fascinated by the people we met who didn’t speak English natively but had learned to speak perfectly through TV, watching movies, and YouTube. And so we thought, how can we make learning easier for everyone? TongueBit was born for people who want their mind to travel.

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