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Frequently Asked Questions

Will TongueBit help me learn English?

TongueBit is best for Intermediate level learners but it is helpful for all levels. The goal of Tonguebit is to learn how to speak more fluently, naturally, and to learn more about colloquial English and have fun while doing so!

Must I watch the TongueBits in a special order? 

NO! You can choose any TongueBit in any order! We want you to have the power to travel wherever you want to go. You will do better if you have a personal interest, so choose any TongueBit. * Keep in mind, we do post our videos in chronological order, so if you want to watch as a series, you can do that too!

Where are Tony and Andrea at the moment? 

You can stay updated by following our instagram accounts @tonguebittony and @inlovetrippin and also by subscribing to our email list for monthly newsletters that tell you about our travels and what’s new with TongueBit.

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